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Tell us a joke, Sean.

No. Fuck off.

Oh no here it comes...i love chatting to people about art and music, real or imaginary. I steal avatars and make badges out of them with my badgemaker. My thumbs are weird. I have two dalmations. I'm the least patriotic Australian you will ever meet...due in part to me being an anglophile. Brits are far more exciting.
I loves teh nicky.
And radio presenting.
I only eat when I'm hungry.
I cant wait to go to university.
My friends are the bomb.
They put up with my obsessive and often nocturnal creative splurges. I pity them.
Stay beautiful.
warning: shameless self promotion~~~
come and dance in the mud with me, yes? =D
"actually-i-would-sleep-with-all-of-the-horrors", "watchdog?i-am-watching-a-dog!" richard ayoade, 60s/70s music, alice in wonderland, androgyne, anglophilia, anthony kiedis, art, art galleries, bass, beck, bfqoty, big day out, bill bailey, biting, biting-off-more-than-i-can-chew, black books, bret looking shocked, brit com, britpop, bursts of happiness, cheese, coconut, cult movies, david bowie, downstairs mixup, dr who, drums, dylan moran, england, experimental music, fangirling, fanzines, faraway friends, father jack hackett, father ted, feathers, feck off!, fedoras, feeling independant, fizzygoodmakefeelnice, flight of the conchords, gardening, garth merenghi's darkplace, gettin nekkid, gigs, giving blood, gobshite, gretsch white falcon, herbal tea, hippies, hot art teachers, iced chocolates, indie, intelligence, ireland, irvine welsh, japan, jeff buckley, john butler yes plz, joker plz do me, labyrinth, last fm, laughing at tarts, leopard print, lolspeak, looking shocked, lots of books, making coffee, manic street preachers, men 40+, mighty boosh, minor chords, mistaking strangers for richey, moshpits, moz, mud, muse, music festivals, musos 27 and dead, never mind the buzzcocks, nickeh was the bottom, nicky wire, nicky's idiosyncrasies, noel fielding, o rly, omg james bitchtits, omg pie, omg powerful political statements, op shopping, opinions, oranges, painting, pen sketches, piercings and all that, planes but not airports, plants, pretentious personality yes please, procrastinating, psychedelia, pulp fiction, putting songs on repeat, q magazine, quoting everything, radio presenting, radiohead, rain, rainbows, red and purple hair, red hot chili peppers, rene magritte, ribena-and-babycham, robert smith, sarcasm, scotland, scriptwriting, sean's-pervy-thoughts-on-spending-moneys, short hair, sick minds, simon amstell, skinny dipping, spooning, spooning thom yorke, spunky glasses, srs bsnz, stripes, sushi, teasing hair, the beatles, the cure, the moon, the night, tim burton, tomato-sauce-but-not-tomatos, trains but not stations, trainspotting, triple j, trippy thangs, uk, umbrellas, urban decay makeup, vests, vodka, wales, winkle pickers, wire's legs seducing me, wire's mangina, writing on everything else, y/y?, you!