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I was forced to sit through Twilight. It was epic lulz. USING RADIOHEAD INNAPROPRIATELY IS BLASPHEMY. Awful. Awful. Awful.
My car is sick again, but I refuse to cry over it. I just hope I have a way of getting my friend and I to Bob Evans on Tuesday night.
I'm sitting under my easel again, because the blind is stuck, Tyler is downstairs and I don't want him to come up the side, see me and start up a conversation about his fantastic life. Yes, it has happened before. 
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but at work there's an elderly man who comes into our shop, a real softly-spoken gentleman. He's given me his deceased wife's old paints, which are of some quality which I just couldn't afford. Today I found out he doesn't even have kids, he just lives by himself, next door to an old friend from his WWII days. He's got such a kind heart and soul and reminds me so much of Doug before he developed dementia. I've dropped him off home a few times, in some ways he's the grandad I never had.
I've been asked to do Camp Toukley in the first week of the July holidays. I'm pretty honoured, I've only done the January family festival and the powers that be apparently think I'm responsible. So be it! Camp Toukley makes Family Festival look easy. The week is long, the mornings are early, and the grounds are full of kids, most of whom don't want to be there. I can't wait! :D Jack and Danae, Shae's sister, are along for the week as well. I already have plans to whinge and cry to Jack every time a minor thing goes wrong. Excellent.
 Art essay on Magritte. Omgomgomg! ^___________^

A bit of self-promotion

Going to the cinema by yourself is one of the few non-hedonistic pleasures left on the Central Coast. No promiscuous sex for me, thankyou!

When asked in film studies of some examples of America's foreign relationship rollercoaster, (apart from the satirical Dr Strangelove, which we're studying,) I suggested Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses controversy, the publishing, ban and subsequent fatwa.
Another student put up her hand and made a joke that I was merely name-dropping.
Someone up the back muttered 'communist.' NOW whos' namedropping?
I love what we're studying, but I honestly can't wait for this course to be over, to collect my boosted UAI and piss off up to the other campus to study 4real. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm eternally grateful the Dean let me do Newstep as a means of finally getting into fine arts next year, but I'm surrounded by people who just don't care. However, instead of people just not bothering with me, which is ideal, I get challenged by people who just want to speak even though they aren't interested in any way. If you want to discuss it, fine. Please get your facts straight. I'm not even going into the complicated details of every minute political movement, I just want to talk about them broadly. Silly. People are still stuck in the school mindframe of not asking teachers for help, and   Don't get me wrong, some people are in it for the same reasons as I am, but most of them are there because their parents forced them to. 
As there's no student union down here, I've kept myself busy by writing imaginary fanzine articles that will never see the light of day and making sure every album on my ipod has the corresponding artwork.

Hooray for the almighty pocket atlas!

Monday night SBS telly FTW

I just ate some 'save the bilby' sugar free chocolate. It was horrible. Would you believe it, Wire was right.
Top Gear is rather addictive, innit? Bit of a perv. The presenters are alright as well. C WHAT I DID THAR?
Please nobody spoil the ending of Shameless season 6, it's getting all srs. I love Paddy too much for him to become an accidental heroin junky, noooo.
I finally lost my temper with Doug tonight, and I don't regret it. I feel ok about it, enough was enough. My car still isn't back from the mechanics so mum picked me up from uni. She was tired so I drove the rest of the way, and he had a problem with that.
He tried to get out of the car, I asked him not to, he had a problem with that.
This continued until he bought up that I supposedly owe him alot of money. Before he developed dementia, he was an accountant. I have been giving mum and Doug board since I was 15 or 16. He claims he never saw any of it. I understand that this is the condition and that I cannot possibly say anything in my defence, I will always be wrong. Waiting in the Thai resturant carpark for mum, he tried to get out again. I gently put my hand on his shoulder and told him to stay in the car. He swung his arm out and narrowly missed my head.
I just went off. This hasn't happened for a few years. I told him he was an 'ungrateful shit' and just sat still, trying to calm down. The word exchange continued until mum came back, and then he was silent. I just yelled "fuck you, Douglas!" and stormed off to the bus station.
I just felt so angry about his ignorance to mum working day and night to make his life as comfortable as possible, and how he can ask me to move out when I'm a good daughter. 
Mum ended up picking me up at the busstop, even though I insisted on getting my own way home.
I'm not even angry. It felt good to get that out of my system. I love him dearly but it was just getting a bit silly. Mum is a fucking superhero.
Later on we drove up to the property. You couldn't even tell the bushfires had come anywhere near the place. The trees have been cleared and on the barn roof you can see right into the valley where the Playground weekender music festival is held. They'll grow back, mind.
I can't wait to move up there, get out of suburbia. There will always be a part of my heart on the coastal part of the Central Coast but there's something seductive about Mangrove Mountain and Somersby. And no, its not the bottled water (even though it tastes better than Evian, hehe). By the time we get up there, I'll be doing first year Fine Arts and the Magritte posters will finally be up on my walls. I will also finally have the chickens and ducks I've bitched about getting for the last ten years. Birds are very important. 
Bob Evans and Dylan Moran next week. 
I've decided that my savings are going towards a festival circuit trip around the UK. It'll take a few years, but it'll be worth it. A great treat for finishing my degree. :)

May. 3rd, 2009

Last night was fantastic. For the first time in months I let go and got drunk. I woke up on some foam mattress thing in the middle of the floor. You know what? I feel fine!
I took a camera to get pictures to show you all, but I forgot about it. I even dressed up. Next time...
Cocktails are fun when there's no one grabbing the grog and trying to binge it all. You don't get that with people my age. Having such fun, positive company is so refreshing. That isn't to say that I don't love 18 year old drunks, but there's a time and a place for everything.
Shae loved her presents: a metal tin, duck bandaids and a pineapple. Something special. It has to be said once again, that I never have as much fun as I do when I'm with the Gwandalan crew, however infrequent it may be.   
So it'll be another 5 months til that happens again, then.

JFPL review, photos etc coming tomorrow. Can't do it now. Can't pull proper sentences together.

edit: I think I should clarify something: I do enjoy partying with friends my age, although I can't completely relax because there's just a reflex in my mind that constantly screams "you should be watching that one, make sure those two don't fight, take her bottle away from her" etc etc :P


time-team this, scenesters!

The horror of finding the 2005-6 timecapsule of fail: an old memory card.
The lulzy results of a 14-15 year old with too much time on her hands:

teh resultsCollapse )


my car wont be ready til tomorrow, so im enjoying a relaxing trip on the bus, which seems like the first time in years. slight exaggeration. the net scares me on my phone. jfpl is getting better with every listen. above everything else, a huge thankyou to those who kindly reminded me that i was being a bit hard on myself. you're all too lovely. art coursework due tomorrow, which means mad late night posts of inkings. probably. also, i got a text from a certain someone saying "you ooze beauty" who paid him?
I nearly pimped out Manics Lolz to the writers block page, but I didn't.
You don't need a page mention to know how much I fangirl all of you. Or something.

Had a bit of a scare with Dougie today, my car was still at the mechanics so mum dropped me off at work, and told Doug to wait in the car while she bought the groceries. I knew she locked the door, so how he got out and wondered into my shop thinking it was a bank is a bit baffling.
Not the bank part though, Greg and I have figured that is due to me giving him money to pay off my car each week.
After having an initial heart attack over the thought of him wondering into other shops, or worse, the deathtrap of a road that separates our shop with my old school. I would like to say that mum treating him like a kid who has just thrown a tantrum when she came into the shop was amusing, but it was sad, on Dougie's behalf. Mum works so hard and he doesn't understand what he's doing that upsets her, its' part of the condition.
I try not to think of the complete 180 degree turn he has done since developing Dementia, because it hurts me to think of what mum is going through. I don't think about my feelings because in all honesty, hers matter more. He is her husband. People don't like change, and I have never properly understood why until now.  When I was 9, he taught me long division. He let me play with a samurai sword he stole off a Japanese soldier in WWII. I have his military dog tags hanging off my Scottish flag. He provided for us for a long, long time, and now Its time for us to give whatever we can back in what time he has left. I'm at peace, mum came to terms with it years ago.

I, uh, had to get that off my chest. Most things I whinge aimlessly about are meaningless and petty. You most probably don't want to read them. A whole fleet of whaaaambulances whiz past my monitor each night. I got this journal to write informative and entertaining pieces, eventually to contribute to my fanzine. I did the exact opposite and now I just type utter shite. Although I am being completely bare in what I say about Doug, and I think it needs to be told, in the slightest hope that it could help anyone on here facing similar changes.
So no more shite on my LJ. It doesn't make for good reading, especially when I'm so entertained and inspired by what I read on all of yours.
Peace and love to all xx

(btw, Journal for plague lovers=well brilliant. You know it.)

Apr. 29th, 2009

Journal: amazing plague
Swine: slightly less brilliant plague
Staying up late with assessments tomorrow joking about Dom's underpants Charleston with Jordan with Mooserevenge: priceless

There are some things that money can't buy. 
For everything else, there's a Virginia State Epileptic Colony.

Oh no I didn't.
Fatigued, late night shite joke is shite 

My computer doesn't play .rar files, this is karma. Or something.
No JFPL for me until a month comes sooner.

EDIT: Thanks to anothercolour and her quick-thinking, I HAZ IT.
dl winrar if you had similar issues.
Panic over.
listening now.
I got MSN and hotmail for mum, it's all very exciting. She can also do a smiley and a surprised face. The cousins over in New Zealand love sending her pictures of ducks. I also have plans to teach her to text and touch type. Baby steps. Well, she taught me to drive.
I've finally started a 3 year old idea for a graphic novel. Just light graphite and such at the moment, but if I ever get to inking shall I put some up? Watercolours will be involved, so while I'm looking for that elusive 250GSM quality paper, I may actually say what it's properly about. JDB and teh Wire have a cameo as buskers, lololol. Main character sings to the moon, then almost gets ripped off by a travelling gypsy salesman. Flies away in an umbrella boat which he/she stole from a cafe. You know, the usual.
So, driving is fun. We're off uni for a week, even though every other educashun system bludger gets two. Meh. I enjoyed the long weekend, but seeing as everyone else has run off on holidays, I've been loaded up with closing shifts until Sunday. Yay! :)
One day I'll go and do leadering at  Family Festival or Camp Toukley and Greg will be at a loss, lolol.
OMG SHAMELESS. Dear gosh I love that show. The new series is hilarious. Mimi and Paddy Maguire are my OTP. Probably. Paddy looks like an Irish, worse-for-wear Wayne Coyne and Mimi is a raging mob boss with idiots for sons. They (almost) have more character than the actual Gallagher family.


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